The journey for Patrycja began when she saw the passion she had when applying makeup to her family and friends, who were very pleased with the outstanding metamorphosis of their own beauty within.

Having accomplished a makeup course at The School of Makeup Artistry in Galway, she joined the Matt O’Flaherty Chemist team. This ultimately paved the way to her training with Smashbox in Dublin. While working for Matt O’Flaherty’s she also completed the internationally recognised Advanced Bridal Make-up Artistry Course at LA College of Creative Arts in Dublin.

Since then Patrycja has built a reputation as a make-up maestro, working her magic to enhance women’s self esteem with the skilled sweep of a brush and her unique sense of fun and enthusiasm.

She was honored to take part in The Vodafone DIT fashion show 2012/2013 - Ireland’s largest student-run fashion show, and give a makeup application seminar for Shiseido as well as provide video tutorials at Matt O’ Flaherty’s in Galway. Patrycja is also part of professional photo shoot projects lead by talented and passionate for ART photographers and hairdressers. Combined they can offer you an outstanding beautiful image of yourself captured at the right time.

Patrycja Rusiecka trading as PR Makeup will operate and offer professional advice on the application of makeup products, as well as the proper selection of cosmetics depending on an individual client’s skin needs and style.
 PR Makeup will also stock professional Crownbrush products that are truly exclusive and new to Galway.

PR Makeup will make your every wish come true starting from your day, evening, occasional makeup to bridal, individual or a group of friends’ makeup lesson and hen parties



PRmakeup. Cherish the ritual of applying makeup.

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